Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Premium Beautiful Purchase...

Holla peeps....coz ramai sgt dok sms,emails,calls tak terjwb kengkadang tu (sorry ye!!) yg interested pasal PB sy jwb semua kat entry nih...

Purchase can be via cash,installment or RHB easy...

Cash prizes-RM1972(small sizes)....RM2168(big sizes)

For installment can choose whether RM500 x 4 bulan or RM200 x 12 bln utk saiz besar or kecil...

For installment munn suggest better use RHB easy sbb just pay RM189 x 12bln compared to RM200 x 12bln...camne RHB tu ye???u loan ngan RHB 2K bayar cash ngan i so monthly u settle ngan RHB ye!!!!

Bleh refer table kat bwh nih!!!!I would suggest you go for 12 months or 18 months..

You can visit RHB Kiosk at any Tesco outlets.. senang je bawak ic no documentation required!

To purchase PB follow steps ni ye...

1.Measure your body.. dlm cm...

ii)under bust-bwh dada
bleh refer sini HOW TO MEASURE PB

2.Give me your personal details...utk installment je!!!

i) full name
ii) ic no
iii)hp no
iv) home address
v) ofis address
vi) husband full name
vii) husband hp no
viii) husband ofis address

3.Deposit rm200 for confirmation...

4. 2 copy agreement will be send with PB-need signature from buyer...1 copy for buyer,1 copy for seller(post back to seller with 1 copy ic photostat)

5. Details step 1&2 email to

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