Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PB Installment Purchase Steps....

Hi!!!!coz ramai sgt dok ty mcm mana cara nak wat installment..here i explain details...RM200x12 months..

1.Measure your body.. dlm cm...

ii)under bust-bwh dada
bleh refer sini HOW TO MEASURE PB

2.Give me your personal details...

i) full name
ii) ic no
iii)hp no
iv) home address
v) ofis address
vi) husband full name
vii) husband hp no
viii) husband ofis address

3.Deposit rm200 for confirmation...

4. 2 copy agreement will be send with PB-need signature from buyer...1 copy for buyer,1 copy for seller(post back to seller with 1 copy ic photostat)

5. Details step 1&2 email to munie2201@yahoo.com


  1. sis..boleh tak nk tukar..i ade bioaura..nk tukar ngan corset PB akak..harga same je kan....kalu boleh la...